Spelling the Vacuum
Issue 294: Issue 295 Coming in September 2008
Issue 295 Coming in September 2008
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Friday, May 22, 2009 -- Spelling the Vacuum Archive Website

Spelling the Vacuum was a webcomic written in the early 2000s by Elliott Hoffman. In 2004-2005, Elliott found more important things to do and updates slowed. The comic finally ended in December 2005, with the above comic the last ever made. In 2008, the original domain, room931.com, was lost and bought by squatters. For a year or two, Spelling the Vacuum was offline. Now it's back in archive form on this website.

This is not a revival of Spelling the Vacuum, and there will be no further updates to Spelling the Vacuum. This website exists only to allow other people to read this entertaining piece of web history.
"It totally works"
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