Xmas 25: Nub Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire

2003 Christmas Bonus Series
Xmas 01: The Winter Insanity Begins
Xmas 02: That's An Ugly Wall
Xmas 03: You Could Cut Off Circulation That Way
Xmas 04: Vacuums Can Rip 'Em Pretty Good
Xmas 05: Gags Can Jog
Xmas 06: I Had to Use That Line
Xmas 07: Jog, Gag, Jog!
Xmas 08: Coolest Old Lady Ever
Xmas 09: No Reason to Live
Xmas 10: And Now, a Plot
Xmas 11: Now Stooge is Stupid AND Insane
Xmas 12: Gone to Pot
Xmas 13: Cutting it Close
Xmas 14: I Don't Know How He Got His Hat Back
Xmas 15: At Least I Don't Reuse Dialogue
Xmas 16: At Least I Don't Reuse Titles
Xmas 17: That's a Big TV
Xmas 18: Well, At Least They're Aware of It
Xmas 19: A Solution for Everything
Xmas 20: Closest Call Ever
Xmas 21: Ewwwww
Xmas 22: She's All Temperature Jew
Xmas 23: The Truth Hurts
Xmas 24: Cheerful Christmas Imagery
Xmas 25: Nub Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire

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