So. I was going to just plop all the fanart in here, but then I remembered my crappy connection and thought about how long it would take for me to load a page like that. So instead I'm just going to link to the images. I know it looks cheap, but so does the scene where Luke falls down the Cloud City shaft in The Empire Strikes Back, and we all know that's the best Star Wars movie. What does that have to do with anything? Uh, nothing. Bite me.
KALIAN: Fancomic One / Fancomic Two
NEBSON: Fanart One / (Mail)
CROSSED REALITY: Fancomic One / (Site)
DAT DUDE GIL: Fanart One
CHASE ANSOK: Fancomic One
GOD: Fanart One
Q-TIP: Fanart One

Ha! Can you believe it took me this long to finish this? I'm very lazy and stupid. But that's why guest comic week was called "Elliott's a Dumbass" week as opposed to "Elliott's a Responsible Genius" week.

In other "I suck" news, I know there is at least one comic that I am missing (Eric, it's yours. No clue where it ended up). If there are others, let me know, and if there are any other mistakes on this page, let me know about those too. If you want me to link to your site or your email or something feel free to tell me.


The Winners!

#01 Q-Tip - Comic
  This won for two reasons. First, it introduces a new thing that I can do a lot with. Yay for that. Second, it is funny. Also, although this is not important, it looks really badass. Go, Q-Tip. It is your birthday.

#02 Graeme Hefner - Comic One
This was the most controversial of the winners. You know what? I like single panel comics that don't really make a lot of sense. I like them a whole lot. Bite me.

#03 Mike Collins & Chris Carley - Comic
This comic took advantage of my love of Animal Crossing and fought its way into the top five. These fellows who created it were especially lucky to choose an animal who actually lives in my town, making it forty times as funny to me. Go them!

#04 Josie T. - Comic
Like Q-Tip, Josie made me love her a whole bunch by using private jokes from the strip itself in her comic. If there's anything I love, it's someone who thinks I'm funny.

#05 John Filleau - Comic
This comic is just weird, but in that happy warm way that makes kittens purr and Nazis die. I liked this one so much that I scoured the web to see if the author had a webcomic. Sadly, he did not.

The Others! (In no particular order whatsoever!)
Shawn Handyside - Comic
This comic by the super wonderful creator of Staccato introduced a wacky plotline that would have been fun to work with...but not as fun as ninja vacuums. C'est la vie. These are the cutest vacuums ever, by the way.

Will Counter Will - Comic One / Comic Two
Both of these comics kick total ass. Highlights: the Mario joke and Stooge boning a prostitute. Click on his name and go see his fun website.

Matt Ambrose - Comic
I have no idea why, but the panel about wings made me laugh my ass off. Mr. Ambrose apparently knows how to make random food items funny. Good for him.

Tristan "Stanley" Darwent - Comic
I don't want to spoil anything for you, but there's a "pile" of "vacuums having sex" that is highly amusing. Also, the art is quite good. Mad props. Mad props.

Hamelin - Comic
Now here's a plot that would've been a really interesting winner. Look at the drama! How would it have turned out? I have no idea! Also, "sorry, the bottom got cut off while scanning" wasn't supposed to be funny, but for some reason it really amused me. Can anyone explain why my sense of humor is so stupid?

Oro - Comic
First: go to Oro's site, his comic is winful. Second: this guest comic makes me wince and cross my legs. Your results may vary.

Mike Connor - Comic
This is another comic that would have been an interesting winner. Mr. Connor is also the winner of the "has submitted the most unposted fanart because I'm a lazy ass" award. Go look at his comic or he'll find out and kill your parents.

Graeme Hefner - Comic Two
Graeme submitted two guest comics. His other one won, which surprised even HIM, but this one is also quality.

Evil Community - Comic
I like the take on Bono's name here. Nobody else has made such an obvious joke so far. That said, I'm pretty sure this would have been a lot funnier if I knew who the hell Andrew W.K. was.

Phathom - Comic
This one is quite funny and clever, but unfortunately it didn't exactly follow the rules (which is understandable considering I added the rules it broke AFTER receiving it). Nonetheless, it is quality work and if you don't enjoy it, hyenas will get your eyes.

Dingo - Comic
I think this is post-modernist or something. Despite that, though, reading it makes me chortle merrily with the light of a thousand suns. Actually, I made that up, but it is pretty funny.

Needmorezelda - Comic
Our last guest comic until I find the one I lost is an experiment with panel borders! I used to do stuff like this when I did the comics on paper. And I STILL think it's cool.